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Add professional recordings of Saxophone & Guitar in your tracks as well as many other musical instruments from Nacho Stax's network of musicians.

Add unique, exciting textures, professional arrangements and instrumental parts to your music with Nacho Stax's studied methodology and experience.

Nacho Stax has arranged and recorded for a wide list of young upcoming artists in Spain, France and the UK. With the techniques learnt at ICMP from Audrey Riley, Michael McEvoy and his own experience over years of arranging and composing for himself and other artists Nacho Stax's arrangements have been played and recorded internationally, in the radio of Brazil, forecasted on TV in Italy, UK online radios and released on Spotify under the name of several UK based Artists.

Whether in a full band, a small trio or individual parts for sections of brass, strings and orchestral sounds, Nacho Stax can arrange your music to be played live or to get it recorded in a studio.


Nacho Stax has recorded Saxophone and Guitars for many independent artists and bands. Nacho Stax can record his instruments in your track from his private home studio or at your preferred location.



Nacho Stax has arranged and recorded brass parts for different artists like Ruby Hive, Vincent Bugozi, Born Husky and Sully Gravity. He has a wide vocabulary and variety in his brass arrangements, keeping always a creative and unique sound that elevates the tracks it touches.



As the main arranger and composer and producer for Akeliko (an independent film yet to be released), Nacho Stax has explored orchestral sound and arrangements in a very creative and unique manner. He has done orchestral arrangements for artists and independent poets and other composers.



As part of Nacho Stax's portfolio, there are some experimental sounds and new areas of exploration mixing brass, distortion and sound effects with film music and orchestral sounds.

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