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Strawberry Moon


Take your business to the next level with the powerful tool of social media.

We manage your social media accounts and generate new loyal customers in just one month. We don't use ads or bots, we use just real content, real people. With our strategy, we guarantee engaged followers that care about your products and services and that will turn into customers once they've heard your story. Now, we want to show you how we do it with a free consultation.

- Gabriella Kemeny



Learn how to use social media and get tailored consulting for your business, for free!

Free PR Consultation

Before you decide to work with us, let us show you how you can win the social media game.

Overall tailored brand strategy for your business

Organic growth strategy for your social media accounts

Multiple content ideas for your business

100% free

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What people say

"Strawberry Moon has been running my Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok accounts for more than 1 year now. My accounts have grown more than tripled, I have hundreds more visitors on my website every month and my revenue has increased substantially since I started her services. I recommend her 100%"

—  Leo, Business Owner, Kobo Cafe


Focus on your business,
we handle the rest.

100% Free First Consultation

​Photoshoot - 20 to 50 Pictures per session

Videoshoot - Short videos for reels & Tik Tok

Content creation - Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. At least 5 posts a week

Monthly Marketing Strategy Follow-up

Monthly data analysis

Social media organic growth

Creative PR Campaigns and Flashmobs

Influencer Marketing

Features in Blogs and Magazines


it's free and it takes just 1 minute!

We are being selective with the new clients we do business with, but we're very eager to work with you!

Check if you're eligible: Book a free consultation where we will research your business and its social media presence and run a 30-minute conversation via Zoom.


We will go through your social media accounts together; your market and competition, a few ideas and possibilities of growth for your business and your projections for the next 6 to 12 months regarding social media and customer growth.

You will win an insight on what to expect from social media and how to harness the best out of it whether you decide to work with us or not.

Just one click away.


When you book your consultation:

1. We will create a social media strategy for your business for free

2. We will go through the strategy together in a 30 min call on Zoom.

3. We will discuss your options moving forward and send you some resources for you to follow up

All 100% for free

Not sure yet?

Let me explain you how we work...


My name is Gabriella Kemeny. I'm a PR expert and artist from Hungary. I began to use social media as a tool to promote my art and poems and gained insight on how to connect with people through this platform. Let me tell you a secret: it’s impossible without showing who you really are! The sole purpose of social media is to engage with your followers and to drive them to you in the real world, to your events, to your business, and to your products where you or your business can truly connect with them.


I realised this very young and learned how to grow social media accounts with real, engaged followers. At the age of 19, I was signed to a publisher for my first book. This forced me to grow my audience FAST to sell it.


And so I did, purely by presenting my authentic self. With this ability to resonate with my audience I gained 20,000+ real followers - real fans - in just 18 months, with zero ads. In the small country that is Hungary, 20,000 fans is a huge amount! Since then I've been interviewed on major Hungarian TV programs, international magazines like Marie Claire, national radio shows, and have been a guest speaker for universities.


Today, I still receive hundreds of direct messages in my inbox every day from fans sending me their appreciation, drawings of me, even a tattoo of one of my poems! ​

The point I'm making is that the things I do work. They've worked for me, and for the dozen other clients (Kobo Cafe, Meetoo, Arcade City…) that I manage here in London. With the help of my team, we've gained our clients over 100K followers using this same system.  All of this without creating a fake image of who you are, and without running ads on social media.


QUICK NOTE: To grow an audience, ads are not as effective as engaging, authentic content where you share your real values with like-minded people. ​


What we do:


First, we’ll get to know your business and its unique story. We’ll take the pictures, create the content, and create connections with your target market. We help them see and resonate with what you do, building not only loyal customers but genuine fans, people who love who you are, your products, and everything about your business. ​ To start working with me, simply book a free consultation. I will personally look at your business and your social media to check if we can serve you effectively. If we can, I will call you with a strategy tailored to your business, completely free of charge.

Some of our clients.

We work for a selected group of local businesses in London. From coffee shops to florists, artisans, artists and musicians, we specialise in people who love their products and makes them with care.

Check the clients we've worked for, and judge for yourself.

Alongside these clients, we've helped dozens of others with professional pictures, consultations and marketing campaigns.

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Personal Accounts

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Meet the team


Gabriella Kemeny

PR Consultant & Social Media manager.

(Poet & Published Author)

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Account Managers

· Peter Kemeny

· Balint Sandor

Ignacio Sainz

Content creator & Photographer & Website Developper


+44 7 468 957 317

Any questions?

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